Are a Few Missing Shingles That Big of a Deal?

According to the Alabama News Center, nine major hurricanes have struck the state over the last 90 years. Although it’s not as vulnerable to heavy storms as other parts of the East Coast, Alabama still receives significant storms and damage. 

That’s why your roof’s integrity is so critical. When storms come, homeowners need a stable roof they can trust to withstand a storm. 

However, what defines a sturdy roof? Does it matter if your roof has a few missing shingles? 

The answer is yes. Even if you only have one shingle missing, it can cause a problem. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you understand roofing Alabama needs. Read on to learn more about roof safety!

Why Do Missing Shingles Matter? 

Missing Shingles

Why do a few missing shingles matter? The short answer is that missing shingles are like chinks in armor. Even if most of your roof remains secure, this one vulnerability could cause severe issues. 

The most common issue from missing shingles is roof leaks. A shingle’s primary job is to protect your home interior and structure from outside damage. 

However, missing shingles allow water to seep into your home structure. This excess moisture can lead to water damage from roof issues. 

The extent of this water damage may vary. If you catch it early, some quick roof repairs could prevent the worst-case scenario. 

Alternatively, the damage could spread to such an extent that your house requires a roof replacement. It’s best to contact a roofing company near me if you notice missing shingles. 

Do Cracked Shingles Need Replacement, Too?

You may survey your roof and notice some cracked shingles. If so, you may wonder if that issue requires immediate replacement. 

In general, even cracked shingles require replacements. Cracked shingles create vulnerabilities in your roof that could cause similar issues as missing shingles.

However, not all shingles cause water damage. The shingle’s location is critical in whether you need a replacement. Shingles often have a staggered pattern that covers your roof’s seam with three shingles. 

When one of your shingles breaks or goes missing, it may not expose the seam. If so, you may not need immediate repairs. However, once the seam becomes exposed, your roof becomes much more vulnerable. 

Contact a roofing Alabama contractor if you’re unsure about your roof’s condition. They can assess your roof and determine whether it’s in danger. 

Find the Best Roofer Alabama Can Offer

Missing shingles can cause severe issues for your house. Your home structure can become vulnerable to even one missing shingle. 

It’s usually impossible to repair single shingles. Instead, your home will need replacement shingles.

That’s where we come in. We provide expert roof contracting to homes throughout Alabama. We can handle every type of roof repair, from shingle replacements to roof replacements.

Contact us today to schedule an assessment for your roof. Once we’ve assessed your roof’s condition, we can provide an estimate of how much repairs will cost!