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When it comes to dependable roofing services in Gadsden, AL, Roof Revivers is your go-to choice. Our experienced roofing contractors are dedicated to providing top-quality solutions to meet your needs. With a focus on both residential and commercial properties, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your roof is in excellent condition whether it's your home or your business.

Residential Roofing Services

Gadsden, AL Roofing Services


Roof Replacement

Is it time for a new roof? Whether you need a shingle roof or metal roofing, our expert roofing contractors in Gadsden are ready to provide you with a professional roof replacement that enhances the protection and aesthetic appeal of your property.

Roof Repairs1

Roof Repair

If you're facing roofing issues, our skilled roofers are here to diagnose and address them promptly. We'll swiftly handle any necessary roof repair to safeguard your investment.

Roof Cleanings1

Roof Cleaning

Preserving the cleanliness and longevity of your roof is essential. Our professional roofing team offers thorough roofcleaning services to remove debris and contaminants, ensuring your roof looks its best and lasts longer.

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Gutter Guards

Protect your property with our efficient gutter guard solutions, professionally installed by our Gadsden roofing contractors to prevent clogs and water damage.

House Washing

House Washing

Enhance your home or business's curb appeal with our comprehensive house washing services, removing dirt and stains, making your property shine.

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Don't neglect the appearance of your concrete surfaces. Our team provides expert concrete cleaning services to restore walkways, driveways, and patios, keeping them safe and attractive.

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Commercial Roofing Services in Gadsden
Finding the Right Roofing Contractors

At Roof Revivers, we offer a wide spectrum of roofing services tailored to meet the distinct needs of both residential and commercial property owners in Gadsden, Alabama. Our seasoned team is equipped to handle various aspects of any roofing system, ensuring that your property remains well-protected and visually appealing.
Whether it's your home or business, Roof Revivers is dedicated to ensuring your property remains secure, aesthetically pleasing, and free from roofing concerns. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, request a quote, or schedule an inspection. Your satisfaction and the long-term well-being of your property are our top priorities.

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Commercial Roof Installation and Replacement

Our team excels in working with various commercial roofing materials, guaranteeing the security and durability of your commercial property.

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Roof Repair and Emergency Services

Downtime due to roofing issues can be costly for businesses. We provide quick and efficient repair and emergency services to minimize disruptions.

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Roof Maintenance Programs

Preventive maintenance programs identify and address issues before they become major problems, safeguarding your commercial roof's longevity.

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Roof Coatings

Our expert roof coating solutions improve energy efficiency and enhance the longevity of your commercial roof, protecting your investment.

Why Roof Revivers is the Right Roofing Contractor for You

When it comes to choosing the right roofing contractor in Gadsden, you can trust Roof Revivers for all your roofing needs. With a wealth of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of roofing in the Gadsden, AL area, our contractors are the experts you need to ensure your project is a success. Our team of skilled contractors is well-versed in handling various aspects of roof construction, from residential to commercial roofing. We take pride in our A+ BBB rating, which reflects our dedication to delivering top-notch services and the satisfaction of our customers. Whether you need a new residential roofing, commercial roofing, or any other roofing systems, we have you covered. At Roof Revivers, we are committed to delivering quality, reliability, and a seamless experience for every project. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us exceed your expectations with our expertise in Gadsden roofing.

Roofing and Construction FAQs

The lifespan of your roof can vary. Our experts can assess your roof's condition and recommend a roof replacement when necessary.

We offer a variety of roofing materials to suit your specific needs, and our experts can help you make the right choice.

Signs like leaks, damaged shingles, and extensive wear indicate the need for a roof replacement. Our team can perform a thorough inspection and provide guidance.

We can assist you in navigating the insurance claims process to ensure you receive coverage for your roofing project.

The cost of a roof replacement varies based on factors such as the roof's size and the materials used. Contact us for a personalized estimate.


What Our Customers Say About Us

After meeting with Doug and receiving our estimate, we contracted with Roof Revivers to clean years of tree sap, and dirt build up as well as oxidation on metal roofing at two (2) properties. The metal roofing had not been cleaned since 2013. One property consisted of 15 Buildings/100 Apartments and the work took approximately 2 weeks to complete.

The other property consisted of 14 Buildings/60 Apartments and took about the same amount of time. The buildings were all 5/12. We are so pleased with the work quality. The roofs literally look brand new. Doug and his men are great to work with and leave the property clean and neat at the end of each day. We have not had one resident complaint. We will definitely use them again and can recommend them without hesitation.

John M.

My roof was inspected by the owner. He said I did not need the Roofmax product at this time, but I went ahead and purchased the cleaning process for now. My roof had algae and stains running down it. They used a product that removed the dirt/grime and made my roof look like it's new. My wife was concerned about our plants, but the product didn't hurt them. The workers also used another hose to keep the flowers/bushes continually washed just in case.

Paul D.

I Highly recommend roof revivers! Doug and his crew worked me into their schedule because I was under time constraints for the house to be photographed. They cleaned the roof and front stairs and they look brand new! I cannot believe the difference it has made! I have already told all of my friends! They are the best!! 5*

Paula M.

Doug did a AMAZING job cleaning the exterior of our home, cleaning the roof, and applying the Roof Max product. I could not be more pleased with the results! Highly recommend for anyone looking for pressure washing services and to get more years from their roof.

Larry N.

These guys are the best !!! HONEST , clean , on time and communicate every step of the way!!!

Ken B.

This company does excellent roof work! They really helped us with some top quality roof replacement.
I would recommend their services to everyone! Thanks for the good job !!!

Mark F.


Ask Us About Smart Financing

We are proud to offer Smart Financing options through Alabama Power, providing our customers with convenient and accessible financing solutions. With Alabama Power's support, we can offer flexible payment plans and competitive interest rates to help our customers finance their energy-related projects and purchases.

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As a local business, we understand the costs and fees involved in roof repair and replacement aren't always immediately available. Our team can advise on different finance options to suit your needs, ensuring your property is safer sooner. Speak to us about financing today to find out how it works.

At Roof Revivers, estimates will always be free. We always want to be honest and up-front with you, and that includes telling you what you can expect to pay.

When your home needs repairs, it’s never a good idea to put them off. Financing can help you reasonably afford the services your home needs. We’ll work with you to determine what kind of financing or payment options might work best for you.

The national average for roof replacement costs is $5,500 to $11,000, but there are often exceptions to this rule. There’s a lot of factors that go into the cost of a roof replacement. Roof type, shape, height, cost of materials, and more can all make the price of replacement higher or lower. We’ll provide you with a free estimate so you will know what to expect.