How Severe Weather Impacts Your Roof

Storm damage to your roof can happen in an instant. Or, it can accumulate and become worse slowly over time. No matter how it manifests, if you have it, it will render your roof useless or in need of repair. If you have storm damage to your roof, you’ll want to call a highly qualified roofing contractor.

Overall Weather Patterns in the Southeast United States

The southeastern part of the United States can be prone to severe weather events. This is because warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico frequently meets up with cooler and drier air coming in from the north and west.

Ways Severe Weather Can Effect Your Roof

A wide variety of severe weather and storm events can affect and damage your roof. Many of these are common in Alabama and surrounding southern states. Some of these include:

• Wind damage: High winds including tornadoes can wreak havoc on essentially all roof types. Shingles, in particular, are commonly lifted and damaged by strong winds. Tornadoes have been increasing in frequency in Alabama over the last few decades. Since 2000, an average of 60 tornadoes occur in a given calendar year. In addition to tornadoes, potent tropical storms and hurricanes can bring strong damaging winds to Alabama as well.

• Rain damage: Regular old rain falling over and over on your roof can be the biggest problem you may encounter. Any given rainfall may be light. But cumulatively, the effect on your roof can be serious as the years go by. Over time, rain can be responsible for most of the leakage that occurs on many roofs.

• Hail damage: In the southern states, hail is commonly associated with strong thunderstorms. Hail consists of ice pellets and stones, often coming out of the sky with high velocity. A hailstorm can quickly damage even the most well-constructed roof. On March 19, 2018, a severe thunderstorm hit Walter, Alabama, with hailstones up to 5.38 in diameter, the largest such storm ever reported in the state’s history.

Becoming Aware of Storm Damage on Your Roof

In many situations, especially after a severe weather event such as a tornado or hailstorm, roof damage to your home or business will be obvious. In many other cases, the evidence of damage may be more subtle.

In Alabama and surrounding states, the cumulative effect of weather events needs your attention. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for regarding your roof:

• Missing or dislodged metal flashing

• Absent or broken shingles, or shingle pieces on the ground around the structure

• Gutter leakage or damage not observed previously

• Excessive composite particles in gutters or at building foundations

• Newly appearing water leaks or damage on the upper parts of walls, ceilings, or in the attic

If you see or suspect roof damage to your property, Roof Revivers are the folks to call. They will work on your roof like it’s their own, performing repairs with care, professionalism, and expertise.