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Win a New Roof for Your Home!

By following the steps below, you could win a new roof for yourself, or refer a friend to win one for the ULTIMATE Christmas gift ever!

Your Roof Upgrade Is a Click Away!

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Giveaway Rules

Coverage Area
This giveaway covers roofs of 25 squares or less, which is roughly 2500 square feet. Perfect for smaller projects!

If your roof has a pitch of 6:12 or lower, you qualify for our giveaway.

Shingle Choice
You'll get a stylish upgrade with sleek black shingles.

Wood Repairs
Keep in mind that wood repairs aren't included, and there might be an extra cost if they're needed.

Installation Window
Your new roof will be completed within 60 days from the giveaway date (December 22). We're committed to a swift and efficient installation.

Eligible Area
To participate, your location should be within a 30-mile radius of Alexandria, AL.

Roofing Services

Roofing Is Our Heritage & Quality Is Our Tradition

Roof Revivers is a team of skilled, experienced professionals providing high-quality roofing services across the Central Alabama area. 

  • Experience

    Many years of roofing service have prepared us to tackle whatever roofing challenge we might face.

  • Quality

    We don’t consider a job to be done until it’s done right. 

  • Service

    We make it our role is to make the process positive and stress-free for you and your family.

  • Local

    We can put ourselves in your shoes because we’re only a few roads away!