Shingle Cracking and Splitting: What’s the Difference?

If your home’s shingles aren’t at their best, water is likely to invade your home. This can cause water damage. The consequences of this include rotting foundations, mold and mildew growth, and more. 

How do you know when your roof’s shingles are damaged? You can look for roof damage yourself. You can hire the best roofer Alabama offers to repair your roofing materials. 

Two of the most obvious signs you can look for are shingle cracking and/or shingle splitting. Read on to learn how to spot split and cracked shingles. You’ll also learn the difference between the two conditions. 

What’s the Difference Between Split and Cracked Shingles?

The main difference between splits and cracks in a shingle depends on how the damage affects the layers. Cracks usually only appear on the surface of shingles. Splits tend to go through the whole shingle. 

What Is Shingle Creasing?  

Creases can be considered a form of either cracking or splitting. How they’re categorized depends on if they affect only the surface or the whole shingle. 

Creasing is usually caused by wind damage. High winds will get under shingles and lift them. This can cause the shingle to bend. 

What Is Shingle Splitting? 

As temperatures rise and fall, asphalt shingles shift. Colder temperatures make them contract. Hotter temperatures make them expand. 

This constant shifting puts stress on each shingle. Eventually, you’ll wind up with a split shingle. These splits usually run diagonally across the shingle rather than vertically or horizontally. 

What Is Shingle Cracking? 

Shingle Cracking and Splitting

Your shingles have chemicals in them that make them waterproof and flexible. Manufacturers call these chemicals volatiles.

Over time, your shingles will lose volatiles due to effects like moisture or evaporation. The shingles will then start to crack. 

Cracks can also form immediately after roofers install asphalt shingles on your roof. This usually happens because of a weak base, poor installation, and/or low-quality roofing materials. To avoid this, you need to do proper research before you hire a roofing contractor.  

How to Stop Cracking and Splitting

It’s impossible to stop asphalt shingles from cracking and splitting entirely. Even the most high-quality shingles will age and get damaged by various factors. 

Still, you can prevent cracking and splitting from happening too soon. Make sure that the roofing contractors you hire have plenty of experience. The right roofers will install your shingles in a way that will prevent damage. 

You should also ensure that the roofers are using high-quality shingles. You can ask the roofers about what materials they use before you hire them. 

Hire the Best Roofer Alabama Offers From Us 

Whether you see asphalt shingle cracking or splitting, both are dangerous signs of roof damage. You should contact the best roofer Alabama can offer to repair this damage. This will prevent further damage to your roof and home.

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