The Ultimate Fall Roof Checklist for Homeowners

Did you know that more than half of the housing units in Alexandria, AL, have been around since 1979 or earlier? So that means they’re at least over four decades old! Many of those homes, in turn, still have their original roofs.

However, some types of roofs, such as shingle roofs, can only last for an average of 20 years. Fortunately, you can extend the life of your roof with proper upkeep.

To that end, we developed a fall roof checklist to help with their optimal maintenance. So read on to discover how to keep your roof in tip-top shape.

Trim Your Trees

Many places in Alabama receive more precipitation than the U.S. average. Take Alexandria, for example; it gets 52 inches of rain yearly, on average, whereas the U.S. average is only 38 inches.

Trees hanging over your roof can exacerbate all that rain that beats down on it. Things can worsen if low-lying tree branches snap and fall down your roof.

So, as part of your roof preparation for fall, be sure to trim your trees, especially the diseased or dead areas. Also, ensure the ends closest to your roof are six feet away.

Roof Checklist

Clean Your Gutters

A healthy 100-foot-tall tree, on average, boasts around 200,000 leaves. And depending on the species, it can shed all those leaves come fall months. A good chunk of that dead foliage, in turn, can end up in your roof’s gutter system, clogging it up.

Aside from potential water damage to your home, clogged gutters also attract pests. For instance, they can absorb and hold onto moisture that mosquitoes love. These buggers don’t do anything but spread diseases like Dengue, Zika, and West Nile virus.

Therefore, caring for a roof during fall involves inspecting your gutters weekly. Then, if there’s plant debris in them, get rid of them before they clog your gutters and downspouts.

Remember: Clogged gutters can’t collect the water from your roof and drain it away from your home.

Also, invest in specialty services like gutter guards installation as an added protection. These products help keep your gutters free of debris for longer.

Invest in Professional Inspection and Cleaning

Rains provide mold and algae with optimal survival conditions. After all, these microorganisms love humidity. And while they may only look unpleasant, they can absorb a lot of moisture.

That can then promote rotting in roof materials. Rot, in turn, can lead to your roof sustaining damage which can be severe enough to cause leaks.

Therefore, you should check your roof for molds and algae while cleaning your gutters. Call roofing experts for professional cleaning if you spot green, blue, or black spots. And while you’re at it, consider having the pros apply a finish that resists dirt and plant matter.

Follow This Fall Roof Checklist for Homeowners

And there you have it, the fall roof checklist to follow as soon as you see leaves turn a gorgeous yellow, orange, or red. However, it’s best to do the steps before your trees shed, as it can make inspecting and cleaning your roof easier. 

If you’re ready to start preparing for fall by having your roof inspected, Roof Revivers is happy to help. Contact us now to get your free estimate and schedule your roof service for this fall!